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Tarnished Heaven was released September 21, 2011, after leaving local Baton Rouge band, Tri-X as a second guitar player
and backup vocals. With formal band mates, Kid and Nathan
Mixon, began work on a compilation called Project Human. In
2009 the project fell through as formal members went in
different directions.
KC Kain Mixon launched Project Human under the new name,
Tarnished Heaven in 2010. Deciding that it was for the best, a
new studio was constructed and recording began starting from
the bottom up. Tarnished Heaven is mainly done by KC Kain
Mixon and occasionally formal band member Kid Mixon.
A blend of slowed metal, techno, industrial sounds give a
variety in each song. The motto is no two songs should sound
the same.
After the release of the debut album, Matchbook, KC Kain took
a different approach and decided a break was needed to find
the right niche for the music. On April Fool

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